Mannington Makeovers: Our Favorite Home Transformations

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With the start of every new year comes the goals and aspirations we have set for the months to come. In the spirit of change and transformation, we’re looking at some of our favorite home makeovers. There’s nothing like a good before and after that’ll inspire you to begin your own home renovation, no matter how big or small. See how Mannington floors were incorporated into these amazing makeovers!


Entering a new decade must’ve encouraged this family to say goodbye to their 1950s styled bathroom. Bright white subway tiles and our warm ADURA®MaxAPEX Napa vinyl plank floors replaced the pink tiles covering this bathroom from floor to (almost) ceiling resulting in a stunning update.

Vinyl Plank Wood Flooring for Bathroom
Photo Credit: @kowalskekitchenandbath. Flooring Details: ADURA®MaxAPEX Napa, Color: Barrel

This homeowner wanted something modern, elegant, inexpensive, and unique to update her space. That’s why she chose our REVIVE® Carrara luxury vinyl sheet flooring! Its marble pattern gives a classic, luxurious and bright feel to the kitchen.

Photo Credit: @modernly_you. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet Carrara, Color: Pearl

White cabinetry and our Provence hardwood flooring helped brighten up this dark and outdated kitchen. To make the space even more modern, this homeowner chose black fixtures and appliances.

Dark Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens
Photo Credit: @tomkatstudio. Flooring Details: Hardwood Provence, Color: Wine Barrel

Out with the old – this 70s-inspired Airstream received a makeover worthy of this decade. Its old, dark wooden elements were swapped with bright white replacements. Our Palace Chevron Restoration Collection® laminate flooring makes the small space seem longer and more open.

Photo Credit: @mtnmodern.airstream. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Palace Chevron, Color: Stone

Chrome peninsula legs, black stools and our gorgeous REVIVE® luxury vinyl sheet flooring in Filigree took this kitchen from drab to fab. The black stools and wall décor provide a nice contrast to the white walls and cabinets.

Filigree Vinyl Sheet Flooring For Kitchen
Photo Credit: @uglyducklinghomes. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet Filigree, Color: Pewter

“Wow!” is all we can say about this dramatic kitchen transformation. Our REVIVE® vinyl sheet flooring in Deco helped give this space a second life.

Photo Credit: @maverick_design. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet Deco, Color: Wrought Iron

We love to see all your before and after home transformations! If you’re looking to incorporate our flooring into your home makeover, find Mannington at a store near you.


Style Spotlight: Napa

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As one of the world’s most fabulous destinations for wine and food, Napa Valley encompasses charm and beauty. For those looking to incorporate these elements from wine country into their home, our Napa ADURA®MaxAPEX vinyl planks are the perfect addition.


White Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring
Flooring Details: ADURA®MaxAPEX Napa, Color: Spirit



Beautifully aged just like a fine wine, Napa is a character oak inspired by the tannin-stained wine barrels of Napa Valley. Like winemakers, we were drawn to oak because of its character. Napa comes in four colors, Barrel, Dry Cork, Tannin and Spirit, which each possess a rich under-glow. The 8″ x 72″ planks combine cerused, wire-brushed graining with a textured surface embellished with deep knots, mineral streaks, and painted edges.


Stained Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring
Clockwise from top left: Barrel, Dry Cork, Tannin and Spirit

Décor Styles


Sophisticated and charming, Napa flooring enhances homes styled in Traditional, Nordic/Scandinavian and Bohemian themes. Bohemian-styled homes are full of worldly décor elements collected along one’s travels. That’s why Napa floors (inspired by one of the most popular travel destinations) are a great addition!


Color Palette Recommendations


The neutral tones of Napa work flawlessly with a charcoal, white, beige, and grey color palette.


Styling Tips


Since Napa is such an versatile floor, it’s a great opportunity to blend several décor styles with it. Combine Bohemian patterns, artwork, and woven pieces with the clean lines of Nordic/Scandinavian furniture and a neutral color palette for a cozy yet stylish space.

Faux Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring
Flooring Swatch Shown: ADURA®MaxAPEX Napa, Color: Dry Cork

Find Napa or other ADURA®MaxAPEX vinyl plank floors by visiting a local Mannington retailer today.

Holiday Décor Inspiration

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially when it comes to decorating. There is so much holiday décor to take advantage of from garland to wreaths to strings of lights and more. The holidays are a great time to put your seasonal décor on display and give your home a touch of festive cheer –  take inspiration from Mannington customers below!

An age-old holiday debate is whether you should put up an artificial Christmas tree or a real one. This homeowner chose a fake tree, and it works in her favor! The faux snowcapped appearance of the Christmas tree keeps up with the brightness of the rest of the room and creates a delicate balance throughout the space. Instead of a traditional tree stand, they’ve used a wicker basket which complements the hardwood floors.  

Holiday Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: @lifeonvirginiastreet. Flooring Details: Hardwood Normandy, Color: Bistro

You don’t need to cover your home in red and green to make it feel like the holidays. In this rustic house, the homeowner chose to stick to a neutral color palette. The Restoration Collection® Laminate in Fair Haven floors blend perfectly with the palettes, bench, and accent wall. The holiday décor is kept simple with a vintage mistletoe print and tree draped with lights and holiday printed throw pillows. 

Holiday Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: @vintageporch. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Laminate Fair Haven, Color: Brushed Natural

Let your accessories do the talking. Here, the homeowner hung up a few stockings that complement the ADURA®Max Dockside flooring as well as the furniture. Smaller Christmas trees are scattered throughout the space. On the floor, a miniature evergreen roped with string lights sits in a metal bucket – this is an excellent option for those who don’t have space for a full Christmas tree but want to incorporate the symbol in some way.

Holiday Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: @living.repurposed. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Dockside Color: Sand

Stray from the traditional red and green this holiday season and incorporate color in a fresh, fun way! Thanks to their Hardwood Pacaya Mesquite floors in Sediment and the gray furniture and fireplace, this homeowner was able to use pinks and blues in their seasonal décor. Our favorite part? The adorable throw pillow that perfectly matches the Christmas tree display along the wall.

Holiday Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: @houseonprairielane. Flooring Details: Hardwood Pacaya Mesquite, Color: Sediment

A beautifully decorated tree, festive table and mantle decor and decorative pillows and throws brings Christmas spirit and coziness to this living room. Another thing we love? This decor stayed true to the rooms warm color palette and perfectly complements the Restoration Collection® laminate flooring

Photo Credit: @down_mulberry_lane. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® French Oak, Color: Peppercorn

Looking to incorporate our flooring into your home design? Find Mannington at a store near you.


Mannington Makeovers: Cameron Shepherd

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In between ski trips, scuba diving, and tattoo collecting, musician-turned-graphic designer Cameron Shepherd decided to add another hobby to his list: interior design.

When he found a ski condo in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., it was a complete time capsule. He immediately knew that he wanted the 1960s condo to go under a total renovation. As a graphic designer, Cameron was constantly mocking up spaces using Photoshop and Illustrator. “I made mood boards for the renovation and maintained the budget through a meticulous Google Doc spreadsheet,” he says.

Vinyl Plank Design Board
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd
Faux Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring
Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank in Aspen, Color: Lodge


All of that preparation and a lot of hard work transformed the home from dark and outdated to warm and inviting. As for the style Cameron was aiming for, he says: “I love all things Mid Century, but I don’t want my house to look like a showroom. I want it to feel lived in and approachable.”

Before Picture
Before Renovation | Photo Credit: @cmshepherd
Fake Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring
After Renovation | Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

For flooring, low maintenance was the name of the game. The flooring needed to look beautiful, go down easily and work throughout the entirety of the home due to its layout. That’s why ADURA®Max vinyl plank in Aspen Lodge was the right choice. “We wanted something that would feel good underfoot but would also work with area rugs. Plus, it had to be durable enough to stand up to ski boots and our two dogs and impervious to melting snow and general messes,” says Cameron.

Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge
Entranceway Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

Cameron mixed new and vintage pieces, furnishing the place from scratch. A lot of matte black metal was used to give the space a modern feel, and leather, wood, and other natural textiles to soften the space.

Bathroom Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge
Water Resistant Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

To warm up the neutral walls in the common spaces, plush area rugs, fur throws and large, eclectic wall art were used. Cameron also made a custom coffee table out of a slice of Jeffrey Pine from a local lumber yard.


Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge
Dining Room Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

With all the heavy foot traffic, Cameron says his Mannington floors are holding up beautifully. “We’re happy with our choice. Ease of installation, durability, general look, and feel – these floors are fabulous, and we get compliments on them regularly.”


Bedroom Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

For others considering a home renovation, Cameron advises just to do it. “Nothing beats experience. That being said, know your limits and when to call in the professionals. Plumbers and electricians are your friends, not foes. Also, get to know local permitting laws before you tear into walls or plan any changes beyond the cosmetic. And when it comes to flooring, aesthetic, function, and installation are key.”


Want to connect with Cameron? Follow him on Instagram, @cmshepherd, or visit his website,

Looking to incorporate ADURA®Max into your home design? Find Mannington flooring at a store near you.


Now Trending: Gold Facets and Hardware

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Homeowners are going for the gold – in their kitchens and bathrooms. Forget what you thought about brass hardware. Today’s brass is less in your face and more subdued. There are many different finishes to choose from like blush gold, rose gold, and metallic gold. These tones complement the color palettes usually found in a kitchen or bathroom. Choosing gold facets and hardware for your home adds warmth, sophistication and a touch of luxury. Find trend inspiration featured in various kitchens and bathrooms below!

Adding a Traditional twist to this Modern bathroom is the gold faucet and drawer handles which tie in perfectly with this bathroom’s mirror and light fixtures. Another element we love? The grey ADURA®Max vinyl plank flooring in Cape May (Color: Seagull) which is the perfect complement.

Weather Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @cozyfamilyhome. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank in Cape May, Color: Seagull

For those dreaming of a Coastal style kitchen, gold accents are the perfect fit. Here, the drawer handles warm up the cool, earthy color palette which is brought to life through the cabinetry, art and flooring.

Patterned Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Photo Credit: @courtneyungaro_spaceanddesign. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet in Tapestry, Color: Denim

For a Glam inspired room, pair gold accents with modern décor like the mirror and vanity and a pop of color on the wall. Complete it with a light marble visual like this ADURA Max® vinyl plank flooring in Vienna (Color: Alabaster).

Marble Vinyl Plank Flooring
Flooring Details: ADURA Max® Vinyl Plank in Vienna, Color: Alabaster

In this modern bathroom, the gold faucet and drawer handles are the perfect addition to this neutral color palette while our luxury vinyl sheet flooring in Tapestry (Color: Linen) really gives it an unexpected pop of personality.

Tapestry Patterned Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Photo Credit: @laurensmythdesign. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet in Tapestry, Color: Linen

We’re loving the gold, white, brown and orange color scheme in this modern kitchen brought out through the faucet, cabinets/counter, flooring and décor accents.

Hardwood Flooring
Photo Credit: @jessicaoakes. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Laminate in Woodland Maple, Color: Acorn

In this kitchen, the luxury vinyl sheet flooring in Deco (Color: Wrought Iron) and black cabinetry are the focal points while the gold drawer handles add a striking contrast.

Wrought Iron Patterned Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Photo Credit: @lexstyleanddesign. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet in Deco, Color: Wrought Iron

The luxe vibe of this kitchen really comes together from the gold drawer pulls, fur throws and ornate patterned flooring and delivers the perfect combination of vintage glam.

Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Photo Credit: @kippileonard. Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet in Filigree, Color: Iron

Are you looking to incorporate the gold hardware trend in your home? Visit a local Mannington retailer to browse our flooring selection and find a style that complements your hardware and facets.

Fall Decor Inspiration

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Fall is finally here, and that means many homeowners are looking for fun and functional ways to refresh the look of their home. As the weather turns crisper and the days start to get shorter, the design experts at Mannington have pulled some fall decor inspiration to get you excited for the season! 

Modern Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspiration
Photo Credit: @cozyfamilyhome. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Blacksmith Oak, Color: Steam

This warm and inviting dining room uses our Restoration Collection® Blacksmith Oak in the color Steam. The Blacksmith Oak is a sophisticated rustic flooring that mimics what you would see in a traditional European home. Its luxurious grain pattern works perfectly in this space, drawing the eye toward the stunning fireplace that serves as this dining room’s centerpiece. Spruced up with fall foliage and wrought iron accessories, this homeowner has authentically captured the essence of the autumn season. 

Rustic Farmhouse Fall Design Inspiration
Photo Credit: @cottonwood_grove. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Sausalito, Color: Bridgeway

In this entryway, we see ADURA®Max Sausalito flooring. It perfectly complements the home’s farmhouse vibe and creates an inviting entry for friends and family. This homeowner used dark wood furnishings and accessories to emphasize that old-world feel. Tall pillar candles and an autumnal wreath on the door complete this space, capturing the warm and welcoming feeling of home. 

Pine Vinyl Plank Flooring
Photo Credit: @vintageporch

When it comes to accessorizing for fall, there are plenty of floral arrangements to choose from. In the first photo, we see warm shades of yellow and orange leaves accented with autumnal sprigs set in a gold vase. This arrangement contrasts nicely with the neutral backdrop and furnishings in this room. In the next photo, the arrangement’s color palette shifts to the more vibrant hues found in nature. Green eucalyptus leaves are entwined with cotton twigs to create an impressive floral arrangement. Finally, we see a simple arrangement of fall leaves in a range of hues. Each of these is beautiful and can work almost anywhere throughout your home! 

Fall Decor Ideas
Photo Credit: @vintageporch. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Fairhaven, Color: Brushed Natural

Here, we see the comfortable and classic look of a wood floor. However, this floor is actually a laminate! The warm undertones in the Brushed Natural version of our Restoration Collection® Fairhaven work perfectly with the exposed brick wall and neutral furnishings we see in this photo. To soften the space, this homeowner plays with a multitude of texture. From the layered area rugs to the assortment of throw pillows, they truly capture the cozy essence of autumn. 

Modern Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas
Photo Credit: @down_mulberry_lane. Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® French Oak, Color: Peppercorn

This living and kitchen area screams fall due to the thoughtful decor items placed throughout the space. Plus, they choose our Restoration Collection French Oak flooring in Peppercorn. This laminate options capture the beauty and richness of traditional oak floors and are the most functionally stylish option for this crossover area of the home. The plush carpet and furnishings in a mix of materials make this room the perfect autumn relaxation destination.

Kitchen Fall Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: @houseonprarielane. Flooring Details: Hardwood Pacaya Mesquite, Color: Sediment

Sometimes it’s the subtle details that make all the difference. The black bats placed on the stove’s range look like they belong there because they complement the rest of the kitchen’s decor flawlessly. The flooring is a perfect fit, as well! Seen here in Sediment, this homeowner uses our Pacaya Mesquite, an antiqued hardwood that captures the natural rustic beauty of mesquite. As the strongest and most durable hardwood known to man, mesquite is the perfect flooring option for the kitchen.


We hope these images have gotten your creative juices flowing! Trust the decor experts at Mannington for all of your home decor inspiration. 


Style Spotlight: Anchorage

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With the revitalization of the farmhouse trend, shiplap has become a popular choice for the interior. For those wanting a unique way to incorporate it in their home design, our new luxury vinyl sheet floor Anchorage is the perfect find.


Vinyl Sheet Wood Flooring
Flooring Details: Anchorage, Color: Anchor 


We wanted to embrace the shiplap trend and create flooring that shows dynamic texture and rustic appeal. Anchorage is available in two colors, Anchor and Marina, and has a 6″ x 48″ plank format which features time-weathered wood that has visually endured harsh climates. Each multi length plank mimics weathered shiplap containing an array of imperfections, paint degradation and bold color which helps bring the trend to life.


Wood Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Flooring Details: Anchorage, Colors: Anchor (left) and Marina (right)

Décor Styles

The weathered design and natural coloring of Anchorage make it the perfect flooring for homes styled in a Coastal or Farmhouse theme. 


Color Palette Recommendations

For a cohesive color palette, use light and dark neutrals like ivory, tan, light gray, camel and charcoal coloring in your furniture, accent pieces, and décor. Pairing these colors with Anchorage provides a clean, crisp look throughout your home. If you want to add a pop of color, try sage green or a deep blue with grey undertones.


Styling Tips

Anchorage is the perfect complement to create a modern Coastal style. Break from kitschy nautical elements and use contemporary décor that’s light and airy. Pair white or tan walls and furniture with woven/rattan accent pieces like light fixtures, table mats and baskets and bring in a pop of color like sage green through art and plants. When it comes to decorating with Anchorage, choose simple elements and let the floors be the talking point of your home.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring That Looks Like Wood
Flooring Details: Anchorage, Color:Marina


Find Anchorage or other luxury vinyl sheet floors by visiting a local Mannington retailer today. 


Best Flooring for People with Pets

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Pets are a part of your family and you want them to be as comfortable living in your home as you are. When it comes to flooring, vinyl plank is one of the best options for both you and your furry friends. Vinyl plank floors are waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, scratch resistant and come in a variety of colors and styles, like hardwoodstonetilemarble or concrete, so you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your home for the performance you need.

With four vinyl plank options available, all part of the Mannington ADURA® vinyl plank family, we offer the best vinyl plank flooring for pets. Hear what ADURA® vinyl plank customers, and pet owners, had to say below.

When we talked to Jennifer Toth, creator of the Instagram @lilredranch and Mannington super fan, she said that her pets played a huge factor in choosing flooring for her home. She says, “We chose Mannington ADURA®Max flooring primarily due to having two 100lb chocolate labradoodles! When we researched the different products that we could use for flooring we found that this Mannington product stood up better than any other on the market. Not only for the high traffic but also for spill, etc… It is so easy to maintain and also looks beautiful in every room of our home.”

Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank flooring
Credit: @lilredranch. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Alpine

Mannington customer Mackenzie F. installed our ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Lodge, in her home and says, “It was so easy to install. We have three kids and two large dogs, and it has been so durable. And cleaning is ridiculously easy. The floors are definitely one of my favorite choices for the home renovation we did!”

best vinyl plank flooring for pets
Credit: @mackenzielee.fugett. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

If you’re worried about claws scratching your floor, pets dragging in mud, or hair shedding all over the place – don’t be! Vinyl plank is waterproof, easy to clean and maintain and scratch resistant. Plus, the durability of vinyl plank allows you to install it virtually anywhere in your home so your pets will be able to roam freely.

Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank flooring
Credit: @mouldingmillwork. Flooring Details: ADURA®MaxAPEX Napa, Color: Barrel

More Social Buzz from Pet Owners who Installed Mannington’s ADURA® Vinyl Plank:

So if you have kids, dogs, live in the country, and are all around just tough on floors then yes I would absolutely recommend it. This specific color also hides dirt and all the stuff if you are against sweeping on the daily like me! – @fournorthfarmhouse

Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank Flooring
Credit: @fournorthfarmhouse. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max, Color: Seaport Surf

We wanted something that would be durable (stand up to ski boots and pets) and that would be impervious to melting snow and general messes. Low maintenance was the name of the game, but they also needed to look beautiful AND go down easily. – @cmshepherd

Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank Flooring
Credit: @cmshepherd. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Lodge

#TBT to last year when I was testing out new flooring. So glad I settled on @manningtonfloors #aduramax 😍 – @lilsteviebrown

best vinyl plank flooring for pets
Credit: @lilsteviebrown. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Sausalito Color: Bay Breeze
Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank flooring
Credit: @lilsteviebrown. Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Sausalito Color: Bay Breeze

Learn which ADURA® vinyl plank floor fits your pet-friendly home best or find ADURA® by visiting a local Mannington retailer today.

Style Spotlight: Station Pine

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One of the latest additions to our laminate Restoration Collection® is Station Pine. This pattern is a multi-width wood visual in an 8” plank format with ten individual plank designs and comes in three on-trend colors: Gravel, Sand and Rust. Learn more below about Station Pine, an incredibly realistic wood look that will add instant style and charm to any room.


Pine Laminate Wood Flooring
Flooring Details: Station Pine, Color: Sand


Just as reclaimed barn wood has inspired many home interior designers, so have reclaimed railway ties. There’s something nostalgic about an old railway station that makes homeowners want to embody those same types of feelings in their homes. When I designed Station Pine, I wanted the weathered and worn splits, knots and cracks to pay homage to the architectural beauty and romance of railway stations past.


Different Colored Pine Laminate Wood Flooring
Station Pine Colors: GravelSand and Rust (pictured left to right)


Décor Styles

Due to its warm and eclectic feel, Station Pine floors look amazing in homes that have a Bohemian or Farmhouse style. Personally, I think Station Pine is a no-brainer in Farmhouse styled homes.


Color Palette Recommendations

When I think about color combinations for Station Pine, I am drawn back to the railway inspiration and steel trains. That’s why I would suggest pairing these floors with charcoal, gray, white and tan accents and furniture.

Styling Tips


When it comes to Farmhouse décor, don’t be afraid to mix accents from different home styles! In my trend board below, I stayed traditional with the light fixture, exposed beams and wood shelving—which create a perfect balance with Station Pine flooring. I used modern kitchen hardware, dishware and gray textured walls to add a contemporary spin on the traditional Farmhouse style. Remember, home decorating in 2019 is all about blending trends!


Pine Laminate Wood Flooring Trend Board
Flooring Swatch Shown is Station Pine, Color: Sand

Find Station Pine or other Restoration Collection® floors by visiting a local Mannington retailer today.


Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Sheet

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As the leader in vinyl flooring, Mannington has put together a guide that details everything you need to know about vinyl sheet flooring.

What is Vinyl Sheet?

Vinyl sheet comes in a single roll that are 6-12 feet wide. This limits the number of seams seen after install. It is completely impermeable to water and is similar to linoleum. Vinyl sheet can be made to look just like wood, stone, and slate, or take on its own unique patterns.

Ivory and Gold Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Flooring Details: Carrara Vinyl Sheet, Color:Ivory

Mannington offers two types of Vinyl Sheet:

  • Luxury Vinyl Sheet. Luxury vinyl sheet, also referred to as LVS, provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates. Each pattern is enhanced with Mannington’s new, exclusive NatureForm® 4G technology for colors that are incredibly crisp and rich; and each is available in your choice of three performance levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver and all are made in the U.S.
  • Resilient Flooring. Resilient flooring, also known as ‘vinyl’ or ‘felt-backed vinyl’, has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular types of flooring around.It’s made using a printing process known as ‘rotogravure’, which prints a pattern on the flooring substrate via an engraved cylinder. Mannington resilient flooring uses ultra-low VOC, water-based inks and we make all of our vinyl products right here in the U.S.

Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Floors

In addition to their affordability, vinyl sheet floors offer a variety of other benefits and features, including:

  • Realistic visuals. Vinyl sheet can be designed to look like other more expensive flooring options. From encaustic tile to marble, stone, wood and slate, your options for choices are virtually limitless.
Wood Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Flooring Details: Anchorage Vinyl Sheet, Color: Anchor
  • Easy to clean & maintain. As with any type of flooring, vinyl sheet requires the occasional cleaning but overall it’s very easy to clean & maintain.


  • Extremely durable. Vinyl sheet is often compared to linoleum flooring, but it is stronger and longer-lasting. It doesn’t scratch or stain easily, which makes it kid and pet-friendly.
  • Ample variety. If you’re looking for flooring that’s going to help your home stand out from the others in your neighborhood, vinyl sheet is your answer. Because vinyl sheet is available in a wide variety of realistic styles like unique designs, wood, stone, and slate, it’s easy to create a floor that’s uniquely yours.
  • Waterproof. Our vinyl sheet can be used anywhere, but they’re especially ideal for rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms.
  • Not permanent and expertly laid out for you. Vinyl sheet is especially great for homeowners who like to change up their décor style frequently as it’s not permanent. Bonus: when our in-house styling team creates our vinyl sheet they expertly layout the design so there’s no guesswork during installation.
  • Blue and White Tile Vinyl Sheet Flooring
    Flooring Details: Morocco Vinyl Sheet, Color: Talcum
  • Budget friendly. Get the style you love for a lower price point than other flooring categories.
  • *Made in the USA. Mannington vinyl sheet floors are proudly made in the USA.
  • *FloorScore® Certified. All Mannington floors are independently tested and meet stringent indoor air quality standards and low VOCs.

*When looking for vinyl sheet floors, be sure to do your research especially around these topics. Mannington offers floors with these attributes, but not every flooring manufacturer does.

Cleaning Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl is one of the easiest floors to clean and maintain. Here’s how:  

  1. Wipe spills up immediately. Vinyl is a great flooring option for moisture-prone rooms, but it shouldn’t be in contact with moisture for that long. If something spills or puddles on your vinyl, wipe it up right away to prevent staining.
  2. Weekly cleanings are perfect. Use a dry duster or vacuum to remove any dust and loose debris from your vinyl surface. Then, using a wet mop and gentle cleaning solution designed for vinyl floors, remove any stuck-on debris. If you prefer to use a more natural cleaner, combine vinegar with water and use that instead. To fight tougher stains, like those caused by fruit juice, ketchup, or wine, a paste of baking soda and water will remove the appearance of those stains. For tougher stains caused by ink or crayons, use rubbing alcohol and a soft-bristle brush to gently lift the marks.
  3. Additional tips. Sweep your floor regularly. When mopping, only use polish or “mop and shine” products if you wish to make the floor shiny as vinyl sheet floors have a low gloss.

Other Care and Maintenance Tips:

There are few easy ways to protect your Vinyl Sheet flooring:

  • Use a doormat outside your home’s entrances
  • Close your curtains and blinds when sunlight can directly hit the floor
  • Support furniture with flooring protectors
  • Use runways to protect floors when moving furniture or heavy objects

Misconceptions About Vinyl Flooring

As one of the most affordable options on the flooring market, vinyl sometimes gets a bad reputation. Below, Mannington clears up some of the most common myths associated with vinyl floors:  

  • Vinyl is dated and/or ugly. Vinyl sheet floors aren’t like their 70’s ancestors! Today’s vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of options. You can even find vinyl flooring that mimics the appearance of hardwood or tile.
  • Vinyl is flimsy and cheap. Like any other type of flooring, not all vinyl sheet is created equal. There are some bargain friendly brands that won’t stand the test of time, but all the vinyl that Mannington offers is extremely durable and resistant to stains, moisture, scratches, and general wear and tear.
  • Vinyl will eventually lose its design. Many homeowners think that vinyl sheet flooring comes with a risk of walk-off, which is the idea that after years of use, the design wears off the vinyl. Today’s vinyl is made with a protective top coat that helps keep the printed image of the design intact.
Filigree Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Flooring Details: Filigree Vinyl Sheet, Color:Iron

Installing Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheet installation methods simplify the process and let installers match the installation technique to the jobsite conditions. Jobsite conditions to consider are:

  • Temperature
  • Structure
  • Type of subfloor
  • Moisture levels
  • Existing floor coverings

Vinyl sheet can be installed using methods like permanent bond, releasable bond or loose lay. We recommend having vinyl sheet floors professionally installed but if you plan to install the flooring yourself, be sure to seek luxury vinyl sheet or resilient installation instructions from the flooring manufacturer.

Discover which luxury vinyl sheet or resilient floor is right for you and visit a local Mannington retailer today.