What To Consider Before Buying New Flooring

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New floors are an investment in your home, which is why it is important you know all the facts before buying. This guide may help you know what floors will best complement your home. Many factors determine what flooring you buy, such as lifestyle, budget, interior design, maintenance, and allergies.


If you have kids or pets, you’ll want to make sure you pick out durable flooring for your home. The kind of lifestyle you have will partly determine what type of flooring you decide to install. 

Many parents appreciate carpeting for bedrooms and living rooms because they provide a soft surface for children to play on but are available in colors and patterns that easily disguise stains. Many of today’s carpets are also given a stain resistant treatment so liquid stains sit on the surface instead of immediately seeping into the carpet.

The best flooring for dogs should be durable and stain resistant. If you are a pet owner, we recommend installing floors like vinyl that are resistant to pet stains and scratches caused by pets.


Some home flooring options are more expensive than others. For example, while hardwood flooring is a classic addition to any home, it is also more expensive. Thankfully, there are less expensive options that mimic the natural aesthetic of wood floors like luxury vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.

Interior Design

What does the rest of your home look like? Some flooring options (like carpeting) come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns to fit the interior design of your home. If you want to achieve a specific look, we recommend taking a picture of the room you want to do a makeover before picking out carpet. It’s much easier to pick out flooring that’ll complement your walls and furniture when you have a photo on your phone to reference.


How much maintenance are you willing to invest in your new floors? For example, carpeting has to be vacuumed at least once a week to remove allergens and keep it in good shape. Laminate floors, on the other hand, need to be swept or dusted regularly.


If you or a family member has allergies, you may want to avoid carpeting. Carpet fibers can trap allergens like dust, dirt, pollen, and dog hair to make allergies worse. Instead, we suggest installing floors with smooth surfaces that can be easily cleaned like hardwood, vinyl, or laminate. Allergens have a much harder time sticking to smooth surfaces, as opposed to carpet fibers.

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