Style Spotlight: Triumph

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Hardwood floors are classic, versatile and radiate natural beauty. Triumph, one of our new 2019 floors, is no different. Triumph combines the character and charm of three individual species of wood while the staining, hand scraping, and finishing techniques bring visual harmony.

Rich Brown Hardwood Floors
Flooring Details: Triumph Hardwood, Color: Silver


Since hardwood floors are timeless, we wanted to create a unique design for the person who likes classic styles and is inspired by the beauty of wood in its most natural form. To achieve this, we blended three of today’s most popular hardwoods– oak, hickory, and maple – resulting in a truly special look for the home.

Décor Styles

Due to its versatility, Triumph floors typically complement every type of interior home décor style. My personal favorite home styles for Triumph are Bohemian/Global and Farmhouse.

Color Palette Recommendations

There are three colors offered in the Triumph family: Platinum, Silver and Gold. These colors capture the warmth, texture, and natural allure of Triumph’s seamless wood blends. If you’re looking for a color palette that allows the floors to stand out, go for terracotta and neutral tones. For those who prefer a pop of color, choose pinks, blues, and reds.

Hardwood Floors Color Palette
Flooring Details (left to right): Triumph Hardwood, PlatinumSilver, Gold


Styling Tips

Because Triumph works so well with Bohemian/Global styled homes, I suggest a Moroccan-inspired Kilim rug—the contrast of color against the wood will make your room effortlessly stylish. Add other neutral Bohemian décor like a peacock chair, pillows and other wicker elements to finish the look. Check out my trend board below for design inspiration!

Light Hardwood Flooring Trend Board
Flooring swatch shown: Triumph Hardwood, Color: Platinum

If you want your home to feel timeless and inviting, you can’t go wrong with Triumph. Find Triumph by visiting a local Mannington retailer today.