Mannington Makeovers: Interview with Jennifer from @lilredranch

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Jennifer Toth is a mom, US Navy Vet wife, Ortho M.A., Wedding Officiant, Mannington super fan (every room in her home has Mannington flooring!) and the creator of @lilredranch, an Instagram account which documents her new home build experience. We talked to Jennifer about her home’s style, why she chose Mannington, and what recommendations she would make for someone getting ready to give their home a remodel.

Farmhouse Vinyl Plank Flooring

Throughout her home Jennifer installed the following Mannington Floors: ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Alpine, Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Colors: Pewter and Iron and Penny Lane, Color: Quartzite With Granite (clockwise in photo below).

Vinyl Plank Flooring
Clockwise from top left:
 ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Alpine, Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Colors: Pewter and Iron ,
 Penny Lane, Color: Quartzite With Granite.
  1. How would you define your home style?

    Our home style is Rustic farmhouse with a few modern elements.

  2. What decor elements did you use to make your style come to life?

    We incorporated Rustic barn beams over our fireplace and a barn beam post at the top of our staircase/entryway. Shiplap was a must not only over our fireplace but also in our stairwell and our drop zone coming into the garage. We also added a huge barn door, created by our carpenter, in our master bedroom that leads into our master bathroom.

    Open, wormy chestnut shelves flank our stove which has a shiplap range hood as well. We used more modern hardware for the cabinets throughout our home. Most of the rooms in our house have been painted Torque White by Sherwin-Williams. However, our island and range hood are more of a gray. Everything is bright and open. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are within our open floor plan. It’s so nice to be able to have people over and all be in the same room at the same time.

    Farmhouse Kitchen 

    Farmhouse Style Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Alpine
  3. Why did you choose Mannington’s ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Sheet floors?

    We chose Mannington ADURA®Max Vinyl flooring primarily due to having two 100lb Chocolate Labradoodles! When we researched the different products that we could use for flooring, we found that this Mannington product stood up better than any other on the market. Not only for the high traffic but also spills, etc. It is so easy to maintain and looks beautiful in every room of our home. The different styles and color options were incredible! When people see the luxury vinyl sheet flooring in our master bath, they think that it is actually tile until we tell them that it is vinyl. We honestly feel that the flooring within our home was one of the most important elements in creating the character that we wanted to reflect.

    Filigree Vinyl Sheet Flooring
    Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Color: Iron
    Pet Friendly Vinyl Sheet Flooring
    Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Color: Iron
  4. Why did you choose those particular colors and patterns?

    The colors and patterns that we chose are a direct reflection of the farmhouse vibe that we wanted to portray. The ADURA®Max Aspen Alpine flooring has the exact colors and tones that we needed to accentuate our beautiful fireplace. The stones that are within our fireplace are from my great grandmother’s property in Connecticut.

    Wood Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Alpine
    Vinyl Sheet Flooring For Bathrooms
    Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Color: Iron
  5. How are the floors holding up?

    We moved into our home the beginning of January, and as you know in Ohio, we have some pretty harsh winters. Our flooring looks just as it did when it was put in. You would never know that four people and two huge dogs live in our home. It is so comfortable to walk on, and I find myself going barefoot most of the time. It’s so cushy!

  6. How did you choose which flooring type went into each room?

    Our wonderful builders at pH Design and Construction brought multiple samples to our new build. We were able to make our choices conveniently right here at the house.

    Vinyl Sheet Flooring
    Flooring Details: Penny Lane, Color: Quartzite With Granite and ADURA®Max Aspen, Color: Alpine
    Vinyl Sheet Flooring Filigree
    Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet: Filigree, Color: Pewter
  7. You have pets. Did they factor into the types of floors you bought?

    Absolutely! Again, this was the key factor in choosing Mannington flooring! We wanted to make sure that the flooring we put in was going to last a lifetime. And by the looks of it, it will probably last well past that.

    Pet Friendly Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Alpine
  8. Would you recommend these floors to your followers?

    We would absolutely recommend Mannington flooring to all of our followers, friends, and family. When my family was in from Connecticut recently, they just couldn’t believe that we did not have hardwood floors within our home. Tricks on them. Not only do they look like wood floors, but they feel even better underneath your feet. We had Pergo flooring in a previous home, and within a month, it had chipped.

    Bathroom Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Aspen, color: Alpine
  9. What are the top three things people should look for when shopping for floors?
    • Durability
    • Color choices and patterns
    • Comfort
  10. Any additional tips for people designing a home or remodeling?

Do your research! Going with the most expensive product is definitely the wrong choice. Mannington flooring is not only beautiful and durable but also extremely cost-effective! The choices that Mannington floors provide reflect every home style possible. Whether it’s Farmhouse, Coastal, or Modern, Mannington has it all!

To see more of Jennifer’s Mannington floors and home on Instagram,  follow @lilredranch. Looking to incorporate ADURA®Max or luxury vinyl sheet into your home design? Find Mannington flooring at a store near you.