Your Guide to Regency Design

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The dreams of old Hollywood, where all that glittered came out of the Golden Age of Cinema and the luxurious glamor it inspired, makes Regency design a perfect fit if you are looking for elegance. With a focus on refined taste as well as comfort, it creates an environment that is both sophisticated and inviting. Find out how the beauty of Regency design can help you elevate the glamor of your home.


What is Regency Design?


Regency design (also known as Hollywood Regency) hearkens back to the chic design aesthetics that came out of Hollywood, California in the 1930’s. With classical influences from the European Baroque and Rococo periods, the style blended the comfort of plush fabrics and luxe décor elements. This carries through to today with clean, modern visuals without sacrificing the ornate beauty that characterized this aesthetic.

Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank – Regency Oak, Color: Polished Platinum

What Colors to Use in Regency Design


When working with a Regency design, look for classic neutral hues and moody grey and blue tones. Whites and off-whites maintain the clean visual appeal as accents or throughout, and rosy, dusky colors can add an inviting warmth to the space.

Flooring Details (clockwise from top left): 
ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank – Regency Oak, Color: Polished Platinum 
ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank – Regency Oak, Color: Aged Bronze 
Hardwood – Provence, Color: Blanc

Types of Flooring in Regency Design


For the mix of depth and simplicity found in Regency designs, consider using floors that have a natural wood visual or go for modern geometric patterns to evoke the Art Deco feel that original Hollywood Regency emerged from.


Much like its namesake, our ADURA® Regency Oak vinyl plank flooring captures the elegant look of White Oak with a blend natural light and dark tones.

Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank – Regency Oak, Color: Aged Bronze

For the legacy luxury appeal of hardwood, consider Sanctuary, a beautiful European White Oak or the stylishness of Provence’s Hickory which both make for options that carry a timeless aesthetic.


Flooring Details: Hardwood – Sanctuary, Color: Driftwood

Flooring Details: Hardwood – Provence, Color: Blanc

For those looking for laminate options, Revival from our award-winning Restoration Collection® brings out the natural beauty and striking visuals of hickory.

Flooring Details: Restoration Collection® Laminate – Revival, Color: Warmth

The elegant, modern hexagonal patterns of Hexx, one of our new luxury vinyl sheet floors, is one style that helps accent the refined taste of Regency designs.


Flooring Details: Luxury Vinyl Sheet – Hexx, Color: Cauldron

How to Accessorize Regency Design


Modern and Luxe elements are some of the better accents to consider when accessorizing a Regency designed home. Try emphasizing the effect of natural light in each space by using gold and cast-iron finishes for a contrast between brightness and touches of dark. Fresh greenery will also bring a natural feel as well as a lively splash of color.


Flooring Details: Hardwood – Provence, Color: Blanc

Style of Furniture in Regency Design


When thinking of furniture in a Regency design home, consider how you can blend comfort with an elegant palette. Plush fabrics and upholstery will make the space soft and inviting. Maximize the height of a room with floor length drapes and mirrors for a more open feel. Antique furniture that blends curves with clean lines works fantastically for this style. Above all else, the feel of a Regency design should be refined and deliberate.

Flooring Details: ADURA®Max Vinyl Plank – Regency Oak, Color: Polished Platinum

Take the look and feel of a home into consideration when working with a Regency design style. Find a flooring style that is luxurious and refined at your local Mannington retailer today.