Style Spotlight: ADURA®MaxAPEX Loft

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At Mannington, we never compromise style when it comes to flooring. No matter what room you enter, your flooring should make a statement, while remaining easy to maintain. Meet one of our new 2019 vinyl plank ADURA®MaxAPEX introductions: Loft.

Loft features small slats of wood creating a unique, seamless pattern that can complement a variety of home décor styles. Combining the unique beauty of natural oak hardwood with artistic design, this high-style parquet floor will elevate the tone of any room.


When we were designing Loft, we thought about the hardwood floors we were used to seeing in decades past and wanted to modernize them. We updated the colors and used fresh materials to give this retro design a new take. Our efforts resulted in an elegant floor that gives versatility throughout the home.

Gray Wood Slat Vinyl Plank Flooring
APEX Loft, Color: Daybreak

Décor Styles

ADURA®MaxAPEX Loft fits into many home interior styles like Retro, Bohemian/Global, Industrial and Mid-Century Modern. In my opinion, the home interior style that best suits Loft is Mid-Century Modern.

Color Palette Recommendations

Loft comes in four neutral and gray colors: Sunrise, Horizon, Daybreak and Dusk. Home décor color combinations that pair well with Loft are navy blue, charcoal, and dark muted colors with pops of neutral tones.

Slat Vinyl Plank Flooring Colors
ADURA®MaxAPEX Loft, Colors: Sunrise, Horizon, Daybreak and Dusk (clockwise from top).

Styling Tips

A dark colored navy blue or charcoal wall creates a striking effect when paired with Loft. To balance darker elements, use pops of neutral décor elements like pillows, art pieces, throws or a rug. Use Mid-Century Modern furniture and accessories—the clean lines and geometric shapes are the perfect match for Loft. This is a style that embraces patterns and textures which is exactly what this flooring encompasses. Use my trend board below for inspiration!

ADURA®MaxAPEX Loft vinyl plank floors are the perfect floor for any formal, contemporary, or rustic interior setting. Find Loft by visiting a local Mannington retailer today.